Introducing the Routledge Research Encyclopedias

What are the RREs?

A suite of continuously updated online encyclopedias offering expert coverage in a wide variety of major subject areas. Featuring refereed, cross-referenced articles applicable to a wide audience including students, faculty, and researchers, the RREs offer truly comprehensive coverage of a discipline.

Each entry/ article serves as an authoritative introduction to a topic, and includes references and a bibliography to be used to further research.

Why are RREs being developed?

Although we have more access to information than ever before in the digital age, what’s often missing is scholarly, reliable, and easily accessible background information on key topics.

With a number of the resources currently online, authors are not necessarily experts and information is not always thoroughly vetted. This can make them untrustworthy sources. In contrast, the RREs will only be written by experts in the area and will be subject to a thorough review process.

In addition, the RREs have the edge over print products in that they will always be kept up-to-date. The RREs are/ will be updated twice a year with approximately 10% new content per year. They are continuously evaluated to ensure that the content is up-to-date and reflects recent academic research.

The RREs meet a real need for fast and reliable information and are an ideal starting point for any research journey.

Where can I see an example?

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism (REM) and Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (REP) are two exemplary encyclopedias in this program. Both REM and REP receive regular (semiannual) online updates and have won awards and accolades from the academic community. REM was one of 24 Taylor & Francis publications to receive a Choice Outstanding Academic Title distinction in 2017.

Although REM and REP are currently available on subscription, all articles have a short version (article summary/ abstract) available for free to the public.

Both encyclopedias also have a number of full articles available for free on a rotating basis depending on holidays/ special occasions. Finally, when we commission a new version/ revision of an article we make the previous version available for free.